About Redoffice

is a global security company that designs, develops, and manufactures surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets.

As the largest video surveillance manufacturer in South Korea, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities just outside of Seoul, REDOFFICE operates across 50 countries and 100+ strategic partners. REDOFFICE is a world-leading digital surveillance solution provider with more than two million recorders installed worldwide and over 16.5 million cameras utilizing REDOFFICE technology.

The REDOFFICE total surveillance solution meets the needs of an increasingly demanding security landscape. REDOFFICE provides the benefit of an end-to-end, highest-quality total surveillance solution and delivers innovation that is user-friendly, flexible, scalable, and is able to meet every surveillance need—all with unrivalled performance, quality, and low total cost of ownership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a safer and more secure world through a commit ment to innovation and by fostering a culture of creativity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the premier global security solutions specialist by providing the world’s best, most innovative and value-add surveillance offerings as well as the most respon sive customer service.



We are world-leading pioneers in bringing best-of-breed surveillance solutions to market. As forward thinkers, we constantly apply innovation and creativity to tackle the challenges our customers face to make them safer, more secure, and help them become more efficient. Through our ethos of continuous investment in research and development and our people and operations, we continually strive to deliver excellence across both our services and the solutions we offer.


We are committed to integrity and compliance in everything we do. From our manufacturing facilities to our boardrooms, our people uphold the highest standards. Our values go beyond a code of conduct. Instead, they anchor our mission, our decision-making process, and govern how we act as both a company and a member of the larger global community.


Every company that purchases or every person that uses IDIS technology is key to our success. Our people strive to ensure that we exceed their expectations, through the quality and high performance of our solutions and the services we deliver. We are passionate about building long-term and proactive partnerships as well as actively seeking new mutually beneficial opportunities.

Sustainable Growth

We only succeed when our customers and partnerssucceed. Our people demonstrate dedication to every customer, from the largest enterprise to the smallest organization, and we do business in an open, direct, and sustainable way. One of our most important roles is as an employer, and through robust, sustainable growth, we create new jobs and invest in those who already work for us.

Success Together

Every person in our global network—customers, partners, vendors, and employees—is a full member of our team. In their own way, each is at the heart of both our business strategy and our success. The IDIS “one team” philosophy encompasses our network’s many cultures, communities, and views and proves that we work best when we work together. Through the sharing of values and ideas, we are enriched by those around us. In turn, we empower each other to grow and succeed.


Respect for diversity and Achieve synergy by making a superb teamwork through active communication