What We Offer

We combine access to technology from best-in-class manufacturers with expertise in solution design, offering intelligent solutions that protect assets and improve business performance. We work closely with system integrators, consultants and vendors to deliver superior value for end-users.


Transportation Video Surveillance Solution

Our advanced mobile surveillance solutions make relevant information accessible to authorized persons at any time, allowing for automatic incident alerts and alarms. Our solutions keep you well-informed and on top of any potential threats—helping you to handle events before they escalate. We offer a wide range of transportation security solutions, from public transportation networks to logistics, emergency vehicles, mobile command centres and much more. #Surveillance #transportation


Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Integration

Our fingerprint biometric solutions are designed to improve efficiency and reliability of access control systems, proving a secure environment with highly accurate data for identification. When integrated with time and attendance system you have a secure solution for access and monitoring of workforce. Our fingerprint biometric solutions use advanced sensors to capture reliable identifiable data that can help reduce security threats, provide cost savings, improve the efficiencies of the workforce, whilst reducing potential fraudulent activity. #biometrics #ievo #timeattendance

Facial Recognition & LPR Integration

Facial recognition allows you to monitor, recognize and identify visitors to a site. The solution offers real-time notifications about recognized persons and identity matches and alerts, comparing the caption to known photos of persons of interest. Our integrated facial recognition and LPR solution is used for high-security building and parking lot access, theft control, traffic control etc. The LPR solution is compatible with all GCC country plates and enables detection of vehicle at high speeds*. *Up to 140km/h, with a correct configuration of all variables. #facerecognition #LPR