Partnering with industry leaders, we offer video management software from open platform providers, allowing for customization and integration of a wide range of features such as access control, multiple camera models and video analytics. The open platform allows for a flexible and future-proof solution with endless integration possibilities.


Modular and Scalable Next Generation VMS

  • Centralised monitoring service covering small to large business
  • Multiple tabs for easy and powerful operation with several monitors
  • Through event management through event forwarding, acknowledgement, notifications and live popups
  • Intuitive user interface minimizing mouse and keyboard control
  • Simultaneous remote upgrade for multiple devices

Manage All Your Sites in The Cloud

  • Remote management of individual facilities and branches
  • Check the status of network access of branches and devices
  • Intuitive dashboard shows the numbers of branches and devices
  • Remote set-up of recorders and cameras
  • Search up to 64-channels simultaneously via time lapse, event or text-in or simple time movement

Next Generation Mobile Platform

  • Operates with all IDIS DirectIP NVRs, DirectCX TVRs, IP cameras and IDIS Solution Suite
  • Supports seamless viewing of up to 4K live streams on mobile devices from remote locations and with options for 1/4/9/16 split screen monitoring
  • High image quality in H.264/MJPEG, H.265 formats with options of smart image filtering
  • Supports user preferences for portrait or landscape views as well as dark mode
  • Provides iPad users slide over and split view functionality

License-Free Video Management Software

  • Remote surveillance of live video and remote playback of recordings
  • Real-time notification of detected events and remote monitoring of events
  • Panic recording of live videos and playback recordings
  • Registration of up to 1,024 devices
  • Simultaneous remote software upgrades and multiple system setup
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